Bookshelf Butterfly Rose
Bookshelf Butterfly Rose

Bookshelf Butterfly Rose

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This Butterfly Shelf is an elegant wooden bookshelf designed to give your little ones room or nursery a dreamy and cosy atmosphere. The cloud shaped back and the front of flying butterflies makes a perfect display solution for your kid’s favourite little treasures, books or pictures.

With a beautiful and appealing look the Butterfly Book Shelf fits easely in with the rest of the interior.

Book Shelf comes in two different versions: Butterflies for Girls and Robots for Boys. And is made in DK/EU from Birch plywood that comes from FSC-certified suppliers. The Cloud-shaped back is painted with ,Natural Earth paint, a non-toxic and natural paint.

Size: 590mm x 278mm x 100mm

Recommended retail prices (RRP) for Rose and Blue background: 449 DKK / 60 EUR

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